101 Things I Learned from Student Teaching, Part II

Every time I step away from computer, I think of another thing to add to this list!  In case you missed Part I, I’m doing a 4-part series on all of the little things I learned from student teaching.  AND VOILA!  Part II, ladies and gents. 27. Document (almost) everything. Seriously. 28. Learn as much as … Continue reading

101 Things I Learned from Student Teaching, Part I

Hello teachers!  So, I know I’ve been a terrible blogger and have completely neglected ET.  Before I started student teaching, I scoured Google for student teacher blogs and didn’t find very many.  Now I know why.  There just isn’t enough time.  I barely found time to eat some days! My time as a student teacher … Continue reading

Today I Learned…

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest with the phrase “I love you because…” I thought it was adorable, but wanted to adapt it to the classroom. Inspired by TIL on reddit, I created this with a $10 vintage chalkboard from TJ Maxx and metallic Sharpies. I’m hoping my mentor teacher will let me bring … Continue reading

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