“Reading gives us a place to go…”

Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are. – Mason Cooley Some Friday inspiration! ūüôā Enjoy your weekend. ¬†Relax with a good book. Photocred:¬†@the-shadow-lands Advertisements

Wardrobe Wednesday: French Pink + Pearls

I just bought this lovely skirt from J.Crew Factory and had to plan a French-insipired outfit around it. ¬†Now, if only it were safe to go without tights! ¬†This will be the first outfit I wear when the temperature breaks 55! Wardrobe Wednesday: French Pink + Pearls by shaunamccarthy featuring blue and white mugs Blumarine … Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: The Learning Network @ NYTimes

This week, I’m sharing a resource that works on iPads/tablets, computers, phones – anything that can reach the internet. ¬†The Learning Network¬†from the¬†New York Times¬†is a teacher and student-centered “blog” for use in the classroom. ¬†This website is absolutely awesome! ¬†It is a comprehensive resource for including the news and digital learning in your classroom. … Continue reading

Wardrobe Wednesday: Spring Prints

It’s about this time of year that I start to get antsy with the winter. ¬†It’s too cold, we’ve had too many snow days, and I’m done! ¬†(Well, after my last ski weekend I’m done…hehe). ¬†Anyways, I start showing my excitement for spring way too early, but that’s my prerogative! ¬†And it can be yours … Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Five-Minute Film Festival @ Edutopia

This week, I’m featuring a web-based tech resource from one of my favorite websites,¬†Edutopia. ¬†Edutopia is a comprehensive resource designed by¬†The George Lucas Foundation (GLEF). ¬†Yes,¬†that¬†George Lucas. ¬†Crazy right?! ¬†What would George Lucas know about education? Turns out, GLEF knows quite a bit about the latest and greatest education trends. ¬†Edutopia is based on 6 … Continue reading

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