Tech Tuesday: The Learning Network @ NYTimes

This week, I’m sharing a resource that works on iPads/tablets, computers, phones – anything that can reach the internet.  The Learning Network from the New York Times is a teacher and student-centered “blog” for use in the classroom.  This website is absolutely awesome!  It is a comprehensive resource for including the news and digital learning in your classroom. … Continue reading

Double Vision

“Teachers in these schools must work, and know that they must work, within “the box” of segregated demographics and extreme inequities that Orfield has described; but in their temperaments and in their moral disposition many also stand outside that box, because they are aware of its existence, and this sense of double-vision, being part of something … Continue reading

A Class Divided

Happy Friday everyone! To wrap up the week, I finished Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen. It exposes some of the misinformation “taught” in US history textbooks. I’ll be posting a thorough review of it soon, but for now, I wanted to share something I found in the book. In the chapter, “What … Continue reading

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