Meditation for Stress Relief

Originally posted on So Fetch Daily:
Kali Sampson teaching yoga, one of many forms of meditation, at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Los Angeles, Calif. (Image Credit: Daniella Segura) What’s the one thing people always tell you not to do, but seems impossible not to do? Stress. Stress seems to be an inevitable part of daily…

Yoga for Teachers…and Students!

I just recently decided to start a yoga regimen.  Last summer, I picked up a yoga DVD and hated it!  I couldn’t shut my mind off – it felt like a huge waste of time.  I decided to give it another try after an education professor told me that it was a “non-negotiable” that teachers … Continue reading

Incorporating Physical Activity In the Classroom

Yesterday, I read an article in the Huffington Post about physical education in America.  More accurately, I should say an article about the lack of physical education in America (you can read the article here: Report: Nation’s Kids Need To Get More Physical).  The Institute of Medicine released a report detailing how schools are increasingly eliminating PE and … Continue reading

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