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February vacation is almost over for us Bay Staters!  Although many of us might be dreading heading back to school on Monday, it will be good to get back into routine.  Before you do, check out what I’ve been doing on the lovely Internet this week.  Happy clicking! + Tech Tuesday spotlighted Math Champ Challenge, a Common … Continue reading

Destroying the Love of Reading

Originally posted on Pernille Ripp:
Yesterday as I eagerly browsed through the new Scholastic catalogue, my eyes caught this And my heart sank And then I got angry And then I knew I had to blog about it Whatever happened to the notion that reading expands your mind?  That reading helps you see the world…

What Teachers Make – Taylor Mali

It’s frustrating when I tell someone I’m studying to be a teacher, and their immediate response is, “You know you’re not going to make any money, right?” It is rude, condescending, and ignorant on so many different levels.  If anyone said this about a profession other than teaching, people would be mortified! However, it seems … Continue reading

Ed Fuller Gives F to NCTQ Report on Teacher Prep

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Ed Fuller has been conducting research on education policies in Texas, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere for many years. His published work is careful and peer-reviewed. Here he analyzes the recent report of the National Council on Teacher Quality and finds it woefully weak. To begin with, it looked only…

CREDO Report: Are Charter Schools Actually Doing Better?

Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) has released the 2013 National Charter School Study.  The report was previously released in 2009.  Overall, the report found that students in charter schools do slightly better in reading and the same in mathematics as their public school peers.  On average, charter schools students are 8 instructional … Continue reading

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