Tech Tuesday: Five-Minute Film Festival @ Edutopia

This week, I’m featuring a web-based tech resource from one of my favorite websites, Edutopia.  Edutopia is a comprehensive resource designed by The George Lucas Foundation (GLEF).  Yes, that George Lucas.  Crazy right?!  What would George Lucas know about education?

Turns out, GLEF knows quite a bit about the latest and greatest education trends.  Edutopia is based on 6 core principles: comprehensive assessmentintegrated studiesproject-based learningsocial + emotional learningteacher development, and technology integration.  Some of you foxy educators may be rolling your eyes, because OF COURSE these are the 6 core principles.  As Robert Pondiscio puts it, Edutopia is “if the 21st century skills movement put out a greatest hits album.”  Edutopia is a great resource, but isn’t exactly news anymore.

So, why am I featuring it this week? I found an AWESOME hidden gem within their technology integration: the Five Minute Film FestivalAmy Erin Borovoy updates the blog every 2 weeks with curated video content from around the web with a central theme.  The most recent five-minute film festival Student Filmmakers Shine at White House Film Festival features 5 videos that showcase student filmmakers.  Each “festival” is centered around a different theme with classroom-ready videos for you to show your students or view yourself.

One thing I love about this is that you know you’re viewing good content.  With all of the educational videos out there, it’s hard to sift through to find the best ones.  Luckily, Ms. Borovoy does that for us!  Some weeks show more student-centered content, while others are oriented at teachers.  Check out this hilarious mash-up of education parodies.  LOL!

I showed some fifth-graders this The Story of the Brain and they were shocked by the history of our understanding of brains.

I highly recommend checking out the Five-Minute Film Festival and perusing the rest of Edutopia.

Rating: 4/5

photocred: Kyle Rollins


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