Clicks, Links, + Tweets

Hasn’t this week been dragging?!  The first week back after vacation is always tough, but this one seemed to be especially long.  I am excited to relax and decompress this weekend.  Here’s what I’ll be reading.

+ Tech Tuesday featured Sushi Monster, a fact fluency app by Scholastic (Elementary Thoughts)

+ A quirky sweater and whimsical accessories made Wardrobe Wednesday’s outfit a perfect pick-me-up during this chilly week! (Elementary Thoughts)

+ I cannot get enough of this Happy song (:(SoundCloud)

+ Creativity-boosting apps are perfect for tablet/classroom integration (Edutopia)

+ I’m loving this blog. I want to use her task cards as anchor activities (Teaching with Taskcards)

+ This is a thought provoking article with writing prompts fate (The Learning Network)

+ I’m excited to see where these EdTech start-ups are headed (Edudemic)

+ Loving these sub plans for any teacher (

+ All sorts of useful and interesting maps, searchable and browsable (National Geographic)

+ I just died and went to heaven. This blog is FILLED with thoughtful, original writing prompts – including a HARRY POTTER iPhone prompt. Crazy and awesome (CristinaSkyBox)

+ Bloom’s Taxonomy printables to create varied lessons and assessments (Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything)

+ BuzzFeed should have a separate feed for teachers (BuzzFeed)

+ Why elementary students loved certain teachers (Takepart)

+ I’m a little suspicious that the results are from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (HuffPo)

+ Sally loves Oreos, and now I’m hungry (Sallys Baking Addiction)

+ Addressing envelopes for beginners – helpful for MOHs like me! (Snippet & Ink)

+ Yay! for the last day of February and all the outfits in our spring wardrobes (Gap)

+ DIY wooden signs are adorable and affordable for home and classroom (Diddle Dumpling)

Happy Friday!

photocred: @alpersahin2


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