Tech Tuesday: Sushi Monster for iPad

NOM NOM!  Sushi Monster is an iPad app for elementary mathematics.  It is an extension of Scholastic’s Fastt Math, a fluency fact program.  If you’re not familiar with Fastt Math, it is a computer program that students “play” every day to practice math facts.  After they have successfully met the criteria of an operation, they “graduate” and move up the math ladder.  The order is addition, subtraction, multiplication, and finally, division.  Students love Fastt Math!  In my school, every student must play every day (it takes about 5 minutes per student).  At the end of each week, the principal announces graduates for the week.

Anyways, Sushi Monster is a free iPad/iPhone extension of Fastt Math.  It focuses on addition and multiplication.  The player selects the operation and then starts at level 1.  You must work your way up to the higher levels (addition goes up to level 7; multiplication goes up to level 5).

I’ve only used the addition levels, but multiplication works the same way.  The app has the Sushi Monster (a mean serpent-looking “monster”) in the center of the circular table.  He has the target sum around his neck.  The player must choose sushi dishes (or the addends) to create a true number sentence that equals the sum.  The player can choose as many addends as necessary, but usually you only need one or two.


Of course, as you move up the levels, the sums become increasingly larger and there are more addends to chose from.  With my first and second grade intervention groups, I can only use the first and second levels – after that it’s too difficult.

I haven’t used this app with my fourth and fifth grade groups mainly because I think they would become bored.  As fact fluency practice, it’s definitely helpful.  However, it’s not the most spectacular math app I’ve used.  For example, the last math sentence of each round requires no thought, because the player just uses the leftover addends.

For first and second grade (or with kids who need extra practice with addition and multiplication), I recommend this as another targeted intervention.  I will use it sparingly with my struggling upper-elementary students.  Parents and children will like this app as it has a game-like feel, all while targeting math fluency.

The design is polished, clean, and functional.  The user can tell that it was designed by a professional company, not just an app developer.  However, sometimes those app developers are much more creative!  It’s not a super-exciting app, but it is a good supplement to any fluency practice routine.

Overall, I rate this app 3/5.

Get it on the App store for iPad and iPhone.

Photocred: @kev-shine

2 Responses to “Tech Tuesday: Sushi Monster for iPad”
  1. tovec01 says:

    Nice game you have there. Not just the ordinary iPad application. It helps stimulate your brain and function while enjoying. This is great for elementary schools to adapt. If it so happens, I would like render my services in making a nice add design for your product. Feel free to contact me here. Soon, I will be releasing my iPad infographic design. I hope you would appreciate it when it is released and hope you would message me back. 🙂


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