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February vacation is almost over for us Bay Staters!  Although many of us might be dreading heading back to school on Monday, it will be good to get back into routine.  Before you do, check out what I’ve been doing on the lovely Internet this week.  Happy clicking!

Tech Tuesday spotlighted Math Champ Challenge, a Common Core-aligned app (Elementary Thoughts)

Wardrobe Wednesday featured coral, stripes, + patent leather (Elementary Thoughts)

+ “I Am a Ukrainian”: “I want to be free from the politicians that work only for themselves” (

A chat about formative assessment and why it might be the only type of assessment we need (ConversationED)

Nutella latte: need I say more? (Pretty & Fun)

12 barriers to innovation in education and how we can begin to tackle them (Teach Thought)

+ Diane Ravitch’s thoughts on the ‘Reign of Error’ and why she opposes the charter school movement (NPR)

The mystery of good teaching and why it’s so difficult to evaluate good educators (Education Next)

+ These 3 things seem so obvious, but remembering them could change your life (Life Hack)

+ Every teacher will nod his/her head in agreement (BuzzFeed)

February vacation ideas in Boston (

+ Fresh classroom management ideas infographic (Teach Thought)

+ Visual literacy is the ability to understand information presented visually – ideas for how to teach it (Edutopia)

+ Let’s all agree that unnecessary praise is not a good thing (The Atlantic)

+ I made this classic sausage + peppers dish on Tuesday. MMM! (All Recipes)

+ Perfect for easy Sunday brunch: elevated egg McMuffin (Cupcakes + Cashmere)

J.Crew Factory is 35% off new arrivals and 50% in-stores (J.Crew)

+ Winter is halfway over, but it’s not too late to give your immune system an extra kick (or 10) (Yoga Journal)

7 hairstyles you can do in 10 minutes, for ladies (

+ Standardized tests are approaching. How parents can help their children (Colorin Colorado!)

Teaching ideas for the Sochi Olympics (The Learning Network @ the NYTimes)

+ Skiers! An amazing visual page about Ted Ligety and his unique GS approach (NYTimes)

+ A perfect reminder: everyone’s to-don’t list (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

Quotes that will change the way you see education (Inspiration Feed)

photocred: @denkschema


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