Tech Tuesday: Math Champ Challenge by INKids for iPad

This week, I’m featuring an app for upper-elementary/middle school: Math Champ Challenge.  Math Champ Challenge is a Common Core-aligned app that assesses students and then provides targeted skills practice.

To be honest, I never thought I would feature this app.  It’s a nice tool for me as an interventionist, but there’s nothing that really “pops” about it.  So – why am I featuring it?  Because my fifth grade students LOVE it.  Like fighting over who gets to use it first and asking if they can “play” on Fridays as a reward for a good week.

There are two versions of the app: one for home (free to an extent) and one for school ($2.99). I originally had the free version, but it was too limiting.  A player can only advance so far in each grade level.  I decided to splurge on the school version, which is better-suited for teachers’ purposes.  It allows you to create a profile for each player that stores that student’s assessment data and skill practice.

The app has grades 4-7.  There are two parts to the app: Math Challenge and Skill Builder.  Math Challenge is where players “compete” in a Core-aligned test.  Each test has 30 timed questions.  Skill Builder is where students can practice skills within each curriculum domain.  Skill Builder is not timed.  Within each grade, there is easy, medium, hard, nerd burger, and super nerd.  A player cannot advance to the next level until they have mastered the current level.

I have used this app as an assessment tool.  At the end of each test, the player receives results and feedback on what they need to work on.  Here is a sample:


Then, students can go into skill builder and work on the skills that they are struggling with.  Again, I do like this app, but it doesn’t offer too much over what a teacher could offer.  I think it’s helpful for me as an interventionist because I have a very limited amount of time to collect my own data on students.  If you’re looking for Common Core-aligned practice, this is a great app.  However, you may want to download the free version first to test it out.  But again – my students love it.  And if this app means they start to love math, I’m on board 🙂

Read more about it at INKids website.  Get it here for schools and here for personal use.  It’s good for iPad and iPhone.

Overall, I would rate this a 3/5.

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