Tech Tuesday: Learn with Homer for iPad

TECH TUESDAY!  I will be featuring a tech resource every Tuesday for educators.  I used the iPad quite a bit during student teaching, and have found many incredible apps for teachers and students (and most of them are free!).

Learn With Homer is hands-down my favorite iPad app for lower-elementary students (although the science content could be easily adapted for older students).  It is a multi-disciplinary reading app for young readers.  There are 4 main features: Discover the World (my favorite), Learn to Read, Story Time, and Homer’s Clubhouse.  The kids LOVED these lessons.  I was lucky enough to be able to do several 1-1 tablet lessons with my first graders, but they loved whole-class lessons too!

Discover the World connects reading with science and social studies with interactive expository and literary texts.  You have to option to read the story on your own or have the narrator (a fun little monkey) read it to you. There are “extras” on some of the pages, from maps to sound effects to photos.  Each nonfiction text has a quiz at the end, with multiple choice and open answer (kids record their oral answers).  The quality of the wildlife photographs is astounding.  About half of the Discover the World content is free, and then you can upgrade to the full pack (worth it) for $8.99.  It is truly a beautiful app.

I didn’t use the other sections as much, but they are great resources.  Learn to Read has sequenced lessons introducing letters and phonemes.  Only about 4 letters are free – after that you can upgrade for a fee.  I used Story Time as a fluency practice resource – I would have students listen to the page, and then read it on their own.  Homer’s Clubhouse is a place where kids can draw pictures related to the texts.  I didn’t use this feature at all, but I can imagine some teachers really liking it.

Another great thing about this app is how considerate the app makers were.  You can download and delete any content you own (free or purchased) over and over.  This will save a considerable amount of space on your iPad.  Just make sure the ones you need are downloaded before you leave a WiFi area behind.

Overall: 5/5.

Get it here for iPad.

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