Hello everyone!  I know it’s been an entire month since I’ve last posted…unacceptable!  My first month of student teaching has been so busy I can’t even see straight.  And it’s getting busier by the day!  I’ll post a more thorough update this weekend, but for now, some highlights:

  • I was ended up in first grade…what a surprise!  The principal had the three student teachers choose between 1, 4, & 5.  I ended up choosing (and fighting for) first because I have so little experience in lower elementary.
  • note: there is NO sitting for the first grade teacher.  Or eating (only half kidding).
  • I love each and every one of them, even the ones with stinky attitudes.
  • I had my first observation  (with the university supervisor) yesterday…it went well!
  • My unit of study will be on states of matter (end of October/early November).
  • SEI is turning out to be a great resource for all my kids, not just ELLs.
  • Going to bed at 9:30 feels late (it’s now 10:15…ahhh)
  • Classroom management books don’t mean much of anything until you’re in a classroom.

More later, sleep now.



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