Destroying the Love of Reading

Heartbreaking and infuriating…

Yesterday as I eagerly browsed through the new Scholastic catalogue, my eyes caught this

photo (4)

And my heart sank

And then I got angry

And then I knew I had to blog about it

Whatever happened to the notion that reading expands your mind?  That reading helps you see the world through a new set of eyes?  That reading, whether fiction or nonfiction, makes you a well-rounded human being?  It seems to have disappeared, swallowed by Common Core, test prep, and scores that determine the fate of every child.  Now reading is to cram as much as knowledge into your head only so you can regurgitate it onto a test.  Shove it all in there by memorization, who cares about deeper connections or questions to ponder?  Just read, read, read, read and please make it nonfiction so that it is all facts, more knowledge, more things to know so that we…

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