That Noble Title

As we begin each new school year, let us remember the fine nuances and the distinguishing essence of that proud word Teacher.

Let us be reminded of the tools you have at your command, because your talents, your traits, and your training…and because you chose to become a Teacher.

Teacher – you are a poet, as you weave with your colorful magic language a passion for your subject. You create a vast and grand mosaic of curiosities to imagine, secrets to unfold, connections only to begin the cycle of learning.

Teacher – you are a physicist, as you bring magic, logic, reason, and wonder to the properties, changes, and interactions of our universe.

Teacher – you are a maestro, a master of composing, as you conduct and orchestrate individuals’ thoughts and actions from discordant cacophony into harmonic resonance.

Teacher – you are an architect, as you provide each student a solid foundation, but always with a vision of the magnificent structure that is about to emerge.

Teacher – you are a gymnast, as you encourage the contortions and gyrations of thoughts and the flexing and strengthening of ideas.

Teacher – you are a diplomat and the ambassador of tact and sensitivity, as you facilitate productive, positive interactions among the multiplicity of personalities and cultures, beliefs, and ideals.

Teacher – you are a philosopher, as your actions and ethics convey meaning and hope to young people who look to you for guidance and example.

As you prepare for your first day and each day, when your students enter and you encounter their attitudes, ranging from eager, enthusiastic anticipation to uncomfortable, uncertain apathy, recall the powers you have within…from poet to philosopher…and present yourself to those students as a person worthy of the noble title…Teacher.

– Trish Marcuzzo, Omaha Public Schools, Nebraska
an excerpt from The First Days of School, 4th ed. (Wong & Wong, 2009)

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