Ed Fuller Gives F to NCTQ Report on Teacher Prep

Great post. I was troubled to see my teacher prep program didn’t receive any stars on the NCTQ report! It is widely known around my area as being an awesome teacher prep program, which is why I chose it. Fuller describes how the NCTQ looked at limited factors when grading programs. I hope people pay attention to this as much as they are paying attention to the actual ratings. We’re caught up with standardized assessments and ratings. I think a more holistic, comprehensive approach to evaluating programs (and students) is necessary before we give too much clout to prep program “scores.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Ed Fuller has been conducting research on education policies in Texas, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere for many years. His published work is careful and peer-reviewed.

Here he analyzes the recent report of the National Council on Teacher Quality and finds it woefully weak. To begin with, it looked only at inputs (catalogs and syllabi), not outputs like whether teachers got jobs as teachers and how long they remained in the profession. He is critical of their research methods.

And he notes that they did not review any of the alternative certification programs that are producing significant numbers of new teachers. The failure to include non-traditional routes is significant. Not even Teach for America or the proliferating online teacher prep programs were studied. Wonder why.

Please remember that NCTQ is not a think tank. It is an advocacy group.

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