There’s A Test for That?

Many view standardized testing as an obstacle to learning, but I do think that incorporating more subjects may be important. If we are truly going to have an educational climate where testing is of utmost importance, all subjects should be tested – not just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Especially in terms of teacher evaluations, how can it be fair to only test students on certain subjects? However, adding in more tests seems undesirable and cumbersome! What to do, what to do…


As New York City continues to struggle with how best to evaluate teachers to improve the quality of students’ education, the New York Times has published a report announcing that new standardized testing will likely be added in subjects that have typically been spared this form of assessment, including art and physical education.

According to the Times,  student test scores will make up 20 percent of teachers’ ratings, while classroom observations will account for 60 percent. Principals and teachers will work together to decide how to evaluate the remaining 20 percent.  The City, the Times says, is working on standardized assessments for the lowest grades, such as Kindergarten, where testing is less prevalent, as well as special education, English as a Second Language and music.

Of course, questions immediately arise about how tests will measure adequate progress in K, and how quickly the new standardized tests will be put together (the…

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