Summer Vacation Activities

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!  This is the last stretch of the school year – summer is almost here!  As summer vacation nears, many parents wonder, “How do I keep the kids busy this summer?”  Some parents already have vacations and summer camps planned.  Unfortunately, for many, the answer is watching television, browsing the internet, or playing video games.  In my opinion, this takes away from what summer vacation should be!  As a kid (and now), I was always so bored when I stayed inside the house all day.

I realize that there are limitations to what parents can do – summer camp is expensive!  I’ve found a few resources on the web that allow parents and their children to have fun together, without spending a lot of money.

  • Family Education has an activities center for families.  The site includes indoor & outdoor activities, travel games, arts & crafts, and educational, seasonal, and holiday activities.  I love the variety of ideas here.  One of my favorites is Take Your Camera for a Walk.  Giving a child a camera can be life-changing.  It encourages exploration, discovery, and creativity.  Who knows – maybe your child is the next Ansel Adams! 🙂
  • BuzzfeedCreative and Inexpensive Ways to Keep Kid Busy – This has a list of 27 things you can do in your own home or backyard.  They have some creative ideas for re-purposing pool noodles, toilet paper rolls, and plain old cardboard boxes.  I definitely want to try numbers 6 and 18!
  • The Longthread50 Summer Crafts for Kids – This is a comprehensive list of activities from all around the web.  Categories include outdoor projects, nature crafts, arts & crafts, and summer eats.  I love the vacation memory jars and watermelon carving ideas (healthy and fun!).
  • has a huge searchable database of crafts – you can search by materials, age, and theme.  Personally, I love the nature inspired crafts – get the kids outside!
  • Check your local public library for activities and events.  I know my local library recently had an ongoing, visiting event in collaboration with the New England Aquarium.  At the very least, your library will have a weekly story hour for children.  Many town libraries also have passes for city museums and aquariums at discounted prices.  Just call ahead, because you usually have to reserve them in advance.  And of course, have the kids take out some books to read!
  • And of course, all the classic summer activities we’re all familiar with – Wiffle Ball, Hopscotch, making ice cream sandwiches, and catching fireflies.

There are countless other ideas to make summer awesome for your kids!  How do you and your children spend your summer?



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